Painting of The Week: Tierney Kreider

Tierney is a young female artist from Pennsylvania who is studying at the Savannah College of art and Design. She creates with many mediums and has a love for ceramic arts as well. Art has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember, probably because creativity runs in her family. In the future Tierney sees herself furthering her career as a painter and ceramic artist.

Tierney says, “while painting this landscape I was thinking about my great grandmother’s simple graphite vignettes of farm fields on butcher paper. I wanted to capture the history of the moment like she did. Now in my possession, her paintings and drawings remind me of where I come from.” Tierney is influenced by her surroundings and the people in her life (past and present). Her work is a translation or re-creation of her world onto a two-dimensional, sometimes three-dimensional surface. The work she creates draws inspiration from important themes and influences. Some of which are people, nature, desire and atmosphere to name a few.


Tierney Kreider, Ruins of the Oppéde Chateau, watercolour on ochre-toned paper, 2016. 



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