Painting of The Week: Rachael Tarravechia

Rachael Tarravechia is a Junior at Savannah College of Art and Design with a concentration in Painting. She enjoys painting interior spaces, paying close attention to detail and pattern.

She made this painting during a visit to Oppède a hillside town in the south of France. “Instead of choosing to paint something that’s man made, like I typically do, I decided to take advantage of the breathtaking mountains that were surrounding us. Focusing on the area that was mainly filled with rocks, I drew lines and patterns until the geode-form kept growing, and spilling off the page. The patterns and color choices give it a graphic quality I really enjoy, as well as the fact that I was drawing from nature, although one may not think that at first.”

Tarravechia_Rachael_Oppede_2016 (1).jpg
Rachael Tarravechia, Oppede, Acrylic and glitter on Canvas Paper, 38 x 46cm. 2016

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