Places Within Us: Representation of Landscape Today

by Agnes Njoroge Personally, representations of landscape interests me beyond the norm because I have been attached to many different landscapes, for one Kenya a landscape interrupted by British presence during the colonial era; - buildings, railways, roads and plans stay intact within the natural landscape of Kenya. Similarly in Mbabane, Swaziland


Painting of The Week: Tierney Kreider

Tierney is a young female artist from Pennsylvania who is studying at the Savannah College of art and Design. She creates with many mediums and has a love for ceramic arts as well. Art has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember, probably because creativity runs in her family. In the future … Continue reading Painting of The Week: Tierney Kreider

Artist Talks: Dirt, Earth and Painting.

By Bethani Wells As a little girl, I took every opportunity to get my hands in the dirt. Here I am, in my twenties, still coming home covered in it. Of course, as a child I was just digging for worms. I liked the dirt because it was fun to play in and get messy. Today, I use dirt and organic matter as a medium for my paintings. I explore the relationship between earth and spirituality in my large-scale paintings, making earth a key element in my work.

Architecture as Landscape

By Kira Milligan Provence: inspiring vibrating brush strokes from Van Gogh, countless en-plein-air purple mountain-scapes from Cézanne, and gorgeous colour combinations from Gauguin. So, naturally, upon arriving here in Lacoste, I set to work filling sketchbooks with unsaturated ink drawings of buildings. While this seems counter-intuitive to the purpose of the class, I have found that by viewing the landscape in all contexts, having interest in the ordinary, and appreciating what is available, I have built up a repertoire of architectural drawings in ‘Landscape Painting’.

The Centre Pompidou:

By Agnes Njoroge Walking down the street on a grey autumn Paris morning, large blue, red, yellow, green piping peek through small side streets. Is there construction? An unfinished building? An art installation? As one catches full view of the Centre Pompidou, it is soon realized that the building is intended to be that way. High modernist styling indicates.......